This application will be considered active for only thirty (30) days.
If you are not called for an interview or employed during this period,
it will be necessary to reapply for further consideration.

This application must be filled out completely and accurately
in order to be considered for employment. 
To print and mail your application please download the PDF application here.

Present Address:

Are you a citizen of the United States?

Type of Position Desired:
Pay Expected:
Times you are available to work:
Will you be engaged in any other work, business or school if employed here?
If Yes, please explain:
Will you be able to work overtime or on weekends, holidays if given one day notice?
Have you ever applied to Mitchell Metal before?
If Yes, When?
Have you ever interviewed with Mitchell Metal?
Have you previously been employed by Mitchell Metal?
Are you related by kinship or marriage to any employee of Mitchell Metal?
Have you ever been convicted or plead guilty or no contest to any crime (other than a misdemeanor traffic violation)?
Do you have your own transportation to and from work?
May Spouse be contacted in case of emergency?
If No, Please list emergency contact Name and Number:
Please Answer all of the following yes or no questions, if you answer yes to any of the following please explain in the box provided below this series of questions.
Do you wear glasses?
Do you have a hearing defect?
Are you in good health?
Have you ever had diabetes?
Have you ever had epilepsy?
Have you ever been hospitalized for any reason?
Are you, or any member of your family presently seeing a doctor for any reason?

If so, will this cause you to miss any work?
Have you ever used insurance payments or worker's comp payments for injury or illness?
Have you ever suffered from a back injury?
Do you have or have you ever had a hernia?
Have you ever had an operation?
Do you have any disability or handicap?
Have you ever received Unemployment compensation?
Have you been in the hospital the last 5 years?
Have you ever been advised to have an operation of which you have not had preformed?
Loss of use of any of the following:

Highest Grade Completed...


Have you ever served in the Armed Forces?
What Branch?
Dates of Duty-

PAST EMPLOYMENT: List present employer first. All information must be filled out completely and accurately with names, dates and phone.

Title: Pay Rate:
Why did you leave?

Title: Pay Rate:
Why did you leave?

Title: Pay Rate:
Why did you leave?

May we contact your past employers?

REFERENCES: List your references including the person in the best position to judge the work of your most recent employment.